Urban Transformations / Open Course

  • Title: Urban Transformations / Open Course
  • Author: Ivan Kucina
  • Date: 28.05-01.06.
  • Tags: architecture, community, debate, lecture, urbanism

Open Course promotes prodoction of knowledge thru knowledge exchange.

Open Course includes talks, presentations, discussions, teaching, workshops, seminars, strategy makings, performances, instant actions. All of these together are creating a provisional think-tank that brings in researchers, architects, designers, artist, planners, constructors, activists, administrators, mediators, managers, academics, entrepreneurs, and organizers, on the same task- continual production of new knowledge thru knowledge exchange. Interaction between devastated places and advanced education settles in people’s minds sparkles of a new life that is injected in paralyzed urban body, suggesting the way for the new beginning.

May 28, 7pm- 9pm Great Public Lectures

Glenn Weiss, producer and activist, New York

BikvanderPaul, artists and activists, Rotterdam

Mark Sheppard, artist and activists, New York


May 29, 11am- 2pm School of Missing Studies

BikvanderPaul, artists and activists, Rotterdam

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, architect and professor, New York

STEALTH.Unlimited, urban practitioners, Belgrade and Rotterdam

Moderator: Emiliano Gandolfi, urbanist and curator Ibiza

May 29, 3pm – 6pm Participation by Architecture

Stephan Pinkau, architect and professor, Berlin,

Alexander Kader, architect and lecturer, Berlin

Elvan Dajko, architect and professor, Tirana

Moderator: Ivan Kucina, architect and professor,Belgrade

May 29, 7pm- 9pm Great Public Lectures

Piet Vollaard, director and mediator, Rotterdam,

Alexander Vollebregt, researcher and lecturer, Rotterdam


May 30, 11am – 2pm Natural Today

Alexander Vollebregt, urban researcher and lecturer, Rotterdam,

Piet Vollaard, director and mediator, Rotterdam,

Michael Rieper, architect and curator, Wien,

Moderator: Todd Rouhe, architect and professor, New York

May 30, 3pm – 6pm Social Chance

Giulia Fiocca, Lorenzo Romito, Stalker, architects and activist, Rome

Michael Obrist, feld72, architect, Wien

Miguel Rables Duran, architect and professor, New York

Moderator: Glen Weiss, producer and activist New York

May 30, 7pm-9pm Great Public Lecture

Emiliano Gandolfi and Miguel Rables Duran, Cohstra, architects, professors and activists, New York,

Todd Rouhe and Lars Fischer, architects and activists, Common Room, New York, Brussels


May 31, 11am – 2pm Pop Ups

Ana Miljacki, architect and professor, Boston

James Stodgel, architect and activist, Prishtina

Mathias Armengaud, architect and researcher, Paris

Moderator: Piet Vollaard, director and mediator, Rotterdam

May 31, 3pm – 6 pm Projects for Savamala

Tim Reinets, architect and lecturer, Zurich,

Ivan Kucina, architect and professor, Belgrade

Ljubo Georgiev, Failed Architecture, architect and researcher, Amsterdam,

Moderator: Maja Lalic, architect and director, Belgrade

May 31, 7pm-9pm Great Public Lecture

Marc Armengaud, philosopher and urban researcher, Paris

Lars Hoglund and Benjamin Levy, architects and lecturers, Stockholm, Paris


Jun 01, 11am – 2pm Common Spaces

Bostjan Bugaric, architect and activist, Ljubljana

Stefan Ghenciulescu, architect and program director, Bucharest

Sarah Chaplin, architect and researcher, London

Moderator: Marc Armengaud, Paris

Jun 01, 3pm – 6pm Art and the City

Lydia Matthews, curator and professor, New York

Zorka Wollny, artist, Szczecin

Nicolas Whybrow , professor and writer, Leeds

Moderator: Dušica Dražić, artsist and director, Belgrade

June 01, 7pm-9pm Great Public Lecture

SIMKA, artists, Stockholm,

Ana Ulfrstrand, researcher and director, Stockholm

Moderator: Helene Larsson, attache, Belgrade, Stockholm