• Naziv: DIAFRAMMA
  • Autor: Irena Pamukova
  • Tagovi: competition, design

DIAFRAMMA is a project that speak for privacy in public spaces as libraries and big corporative offices. 

As diaframma of the camera open and close to make passing the right quantity of light the project shows that to create personal space in public spaces can make people more interactive and linked each other in the common part of DIAFRAMMA.


Profesional experience NaifStuff/Milano/manager and designer/March 2012 Studio 8cm/Sofia/Bulgaria/designer/April 2010-February 2012 Iris design/Sofia/Bulgaria/ interior designer/June 2009-March2010 KOB project/Plovdiv/Bulgaria/interior designer/September -May2007 Apart from the above Co-founder of CHERGA – Bulgarian design group Exhibit in and organize some of the events: -Macef/Milano/2012/organizer and participant of CHERGA exhibition - Roca Bulgaria/2012/curator of installation promoting Jump the gap contest -Sofia Design Week/2011,2012/co-organizer and participant of CHERGA exhibition -World of furniture/2010, 2011, 2012/co-organizer and participant of CHERGA exhibition -Bulgarian Design Biennial/2008/participation in the interior department -Workshop RABOTILNICA – organizer and participant