Mikser talks: Refining trash

Mikser talks: Refining trash

Mikser talks: Refining trash 1924 712 Mikser

George Bosnas is a young Greek designer among 10 laureates of the Young Balkan Designers regional contest (project supported by Ministry of ecology and The Nederlands embassy in Belgrade). His innovative and ultimately green project Biodegrapack is currently touring the Balkan capitals, and after Belgrade, Tirana, Zagreb, and Ljubljana, it’s heading towards Sofia and Skopje. The Jury of Zagreb Furniture fair was so impressed by Bosnas’ idea that they established a new accolade for circular design and assigned it to him. 

Džordž Bosnas

His Biodegrapack is designed to be environmentally friendly at all levels, meaning it’s made of paper pulp, flour, starch and has legumes seeds embedded in it.

So, not only it’s ok to throw it anywhere you like, it is even desirable because you are not littering, you are improving the soil by doing so.

In an interview for Mikser, Bosnas admits that the idea occurred in desperate times: his hands were full of paper trash with nowhere to put it away safely and responsibly.

When the container is empty, throw it on the ground!

Can you imagine Biodegrapack going into a mass use?

Awards are always proof that you are working on the right path, so I am more than happy. For the moment I am trying to find a producer to place
Biodegrapack in mass production, so I would be even happier to see it in my neighborhood’s supermarket.

How did the idea occur to you?

I was on a road trip, and at one point, my hands were full of paper trash and I couldn’t find a trash can. So it came to me: a paper that is, not only biodegradable but could also improve the soil and help nature. Embedding seed in a paper seemed like a great solution. I did some experiments and it all worked well. I thought an egg container would be just the right thing, and I named it Biodegrapack.

What do you see as the major challenge as a young designer?

The hardest thing for us, young people is to convince brands that they need us! Young people have fresh ideas, knowledge, and passion for design. When brands do trust young designers great objects and projects are happening.

Do you think that the world acknowledges the impact and the innovation design could make? And in what ways it does change and improve our lives, daily?

I do believe that the world knows very little about what designers can achieve, especially here in Balkans. On the other hand, the evolution of technology is based on RnD (research and development; the author’s remark) and big companies are using it. There is no clear answer so I hope that companies will collaborate with young designers so the great results are achieved and our daily lives get improved.

How are things in Greece in the matters of sustainability awareness?

The major part of Greece is not so educated about sustainability, recycling, and energy issues, but things are getting much better day by day. The new generations are doing great and many events are being held in various places. I think it is a matter of time to see the results. I think that we are forced to face that problem and an extra reason to do so are our beautiful beaches and seas.

Water and nurture your waste… or let nature take its course

Can you compare it to Serbia? What do you see as dis/advantage in both countries?
I have no idea about the situation in Serbia but I am happy that I am part of Mikser festival that is a great example of conscious people that care about the environment, and circular design and economy. I hope that things are going for the better in every country in Balkans and all countries in general.

And what motivates you as a creator, what would you change first, if you were given a chance?

I am obsessed with concepts, and messages. I like to create objects with greater meanings. If I could change something, that would be the laws about materials. I would also put design courses in the educational systems, but I know that sounds pretty poetic.