AKETH, Greece
ATU, Ireland
IWFWP, Greece
IWIN, Ireland
MIKSER, Serbia
UOB, Faculty of Forestry, Serbia

The projects’ aims to train professionals in the construction sector on the latest available technologies and methods, in order to turn their competences towards a new and sustainable approach to building constructions (from design to realization).
By creating a scientific research network, an electronic library is also being created, which will contain contents that will include details of applied research in the field of designing wooden structures, circular economy, sustainable development and availability of materials in different regions of Europe. Two different business profiles will be developed (for engineers, and for technicians/foremen/constructors) with the aim of shifting their orientation to new practices and applying them to modular houses. The third result of this project is a practical and detailed technical guide for the construction of building units, which will provide clear guidance on following specific steps leading to the completion of modular units. As part of the project, two large online courses are being developed, for combined training in the field of sustainable design; for engineers – they will specialize in a sustainable approach and smart use of materials for designing modular homes and for technicians/workers – they will specialize in techniques and methods for sustainable, modular constructions.