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euPOLIS Urban Lab – Designing Cities to Fit the Citizens

The all-day program of the Urban Lab at the recently concluded Mikser festival gathered more than 60 experts from various fields applied to the designing and improving of cities and public spaces aimed at the health and well-being of citizens. With euPOLIS and HEART experts, Čedo Maksimović (Imperial College London), …

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Mikser Festival has launched its signature design talent competition Ghost Project 2024. This year’s theme “Microcosm” invites young product designers to explore the often-overlooked realms of small-scale interventions and incremental innovations that have potential to transform our microcosms into a more sustainable and socially thriving environments for all. From the …

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An angry woman and her revolution

This and the previous weekend were completely painted in purple, the color of the informal feminist collective “Women’s Solidarity”, which initiated a series of protests in front of the Informer editorial office in Terazije. These girls called us, furious and affected by the “mega-exclusive” interview with a serial rapist that …