She walks alone through the city




City of Kragujevac

“She Walks Alone through the City – A Safer Kragujevac for All” is a joint venture of Mikser Organization in cooperation with the United Nations Agency for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women in Serbia – UNW, with the support of the British Embassy and the partnership of five civil society organizations working to improve awareness about the security challenges faced by women and girls in our cities.

In order to recognize and map all the challenges faced by women and girls in our cities, as well as all other sensitive social groups, the team created a detailed survey, the results of which are to help experts and decision-makers in the future direction of planning and management of public urban areas.

The goal is to give voice to women, especially young ones, in support of the local initiative of this city to recognize all the challenges, personal experiences, and tactics that women develop in order to move as safely as possible and use their city as equal citizens.

The city of Kragujevac was chosen due to its openness to gender policies, good cooperation between the public and civil sectors, and a large number of Mikser’s local partners, such as Arsenal Fest, which through its activities and programs, like Mikser, gathers and engages a large number of young people.

The results of the survey show all the unsafe, nerve-wracking points in Kragujevac and enable a change in the mechanism of how women managed to safely reach a certain point by performing only ordinary, everyday tasks.

Newly acquired knowledge was implemented to influence city planners and decision-makers to think differently about shared, public areas, by thinking together about the ways in which they can make those spaces that are equally intended for everyone equally accessible to everyone.