Serbia, Belgrade


Primary school Kralj Petar Prvi, Belgrade


Co-create Change! is implemented as part of the CREATIVE FLIP program within the European Year of Youth (EYY2022)

Bringing closer the magic and methods of dramatic arts, “Co-create Change!” consists of a series of specially designed interactive workshops that propelling students’ creative thinking and compelling storytelling about responsible behavior towards natures and human’s wellbeing. The program aims to empower children to influence on their environment to live healthier, more sustainable life by activating their creative potentials and giving them a “voice” and tools to creatively shape their messages.

By learning through playing and exchanging tips about more sustainable attitudes, as well as mastering the transformation of that knowledge into powerful stories, students will increase their knowledge of the creative disciplines and gain self-confidence about their own impact on positive change of behaviour. The learning process branched in two directions – the students gained knowledge on how to create a film from scratch, and on the other hand, how to tell a story about the environment and the importance of a positive change in behavior, not only in their family, but also in the community they belong to. The joint co-creation resulted in 5 short video stories that were premiered in front of the school auditorium, whose authors, in the entire process of creation, were fifth-grade students of the Kralj Petar Prvi elementary school in Belgrade.

Co-create Change! was one of a series of Learning Lab programs of the European project Creative Flip, which encourages creativity in regular classes, as well as the development of creative skills in children up to 12 years old. Learning Labs are a co-creation project between schools and CCS organisations, dealing with the whole range of artistic and creative disciplines – from architecture, design and fashion, visual arts, performing arts, media and print, audio-visual to cultural heritage and museums.