UNDP, Srbija
Ambasadori održivog razvoja i životne sredine, Zlatiborski okrug

It is an innovative educational package for preschoolers, primary and secondary school students that will contribute to raising awareness and levels of usable knowledge about climate change and its consequences for the living world on the planet. In addition to hiding the most important and sought-after professions of the future in this area, it is necessary to educate new generations in the direction of preserving and regenerating the environment, in order to ensure a healthier, safer and cleaner tomorrow. The package contains a textbook adapted for teaching children in primary and secondary schools, over 100 quiz cards for interactive knowledge testing, a map-poster of climate change, as well as a special manual for lecturers. The package has been translated into Serbian with local examples and descriptions of real conditions and thus adapted to the needs of the domestic education system. The adaptation of the “Climate Package” includes training for lecturers in the field of biology, geography, physics, and environmental protection.