UNFPA, Srbija

The project Dads Hub on the Wheels aimed to expand the topics of parenthood, gender equality and education through implementation of concrete gender transformative activities aimed at promoting fatherhood in underdeveloped and rural areas, on creating more space for all fathers, spreading positive messages about the importance of fatherhood and the role of fathers in active parenting, but also in the everyday life of children. With the traveling caravan, it aimed to develop fatherhood on a local level through gender transformative workshops and activities for dads and children at targeted geographical areas (Bač, Vrmdža village, Novi Pazar, Kraljevo, Belgrade) that  we have data from our earlier analysis.


Experts and celebrities headed by workshop leader, psychologist, journalist and author of the series Papa you are crazy Miša Stojiljković traveled to mapped local communities, to empower fathers for dialogues or discussions on gender hierarchies and norms. Local dads were empowered to connect with each other, but also with children, families, friends, and with society in general. On the other hand, the most important emotional, mental and material issues that fathers face in rural Serbia were mapped. Online social media group gathered fathers from the project locations and became a space for experience exchange between fathers and promotion of project activities.