Eksperimentalni program edukacije o cirkularnoj ekonomiji i inovacijama / Fakultet


Maja Lalić
Jelena Matić
Milena Banić

Graphic design:

Ksenija Pantelić

In cooperation with:

Future Generations


Šumarski fakultet
Univerzitet u Beogradu

Mikser is the author of a guide for experimental modules of education in the field of circular economics for educators of primary, high schools and colleges.

In partnership with UNDP Serbia and in cooperation with the innovative platforms @Future Generations and @KidHub, Mikser developed the “Experimental Education Program on Circular Economy and Innovation” for three levels of education, building the Platform for Circular Economy and Sustainable Development in Serbia.

The goal of these educational packages is to help educators give young people of all ages insight and develop skills and knowledge in the field of circular economy, which will inevitably become among the most sought-after expertise in all professions of the future.