EYE TO HAND, Mirko Ilić



Dejan Kršić
Milton Glaser
Laetitia Wolf
Steven Heller
Slavenka Drakulić
Rujana Jeger


Mia David

Graphic design:

Dejan Kršić
Andrej Dolinka

…at the end of the day, under the illustration, my name is written under the illustration. They rarely allow additional captions such as, ‘This idea was much better, but the editor told me…’ Based on these illustrations, I am then being judged by peers, colleagues, and competition jurors. Nobody doubts, ‘Who knows, maybe he had a better idea?’ Speaking about names, here is a cute story. You always sign your name on illustrations and even on your design. I only signed my comics, I never signed my illustrations nor my designs because, for us in Croatia, it was the very distinction from fine artists – we only used mechanical ways to put our names in.

mirko ilić & milton glaser: the king and the jester