Žitomlin, Beograd
Savamala, Beograd
Muzej nauke i tehnike, Beograd
Zornića kuća, Barrajevo

One of the largest and most influential festivals of creativity and urban innovation in Southeast Europe. Strongly oriented towards sustainable future scenarios and the role of creatives in creating them. The festival program consists of the following segments that concern several target groups: International Conferences, Innovation Fair, Design Hub, Edu Zone, Art Zone, Mikser Kids, Mikser Cinema, Mikser Music Zone. For 12 years, Mikser Festival has established a unique, multicultural platform for interaction between designers, architects, urban planners, artists, companies, civil society organizations, public institutions, local communities, citizens and media. His recognition lies in the discovery of abandoned, unused post-industrial buildings and their transformation into vibrant hubs of the creative industry and civil activism, suggesting that the revitalization of neglected urban neighborhoods, based on innovative ideas and original content, is possible despite a limited budget. Over the course of 10 years, Mikser Festival has attracted a massive audience of almost 800,000 visitors.