Beograd, Savamala

Following its community-oriented and humane response to the migrant crisis in 2015, the Mikser organization, together with its partners, launched the “Refugee Aid Miksalište”, one of the most recognizable humanitarian centers on the Balkan route, which gathered more than 2000 volunteers from 70 countries. Medical assistance, food, clothing, daily shelter, and legal, psychological and social assistance have been provided to more than 450,000 migrants and refugees since the beginning of the humanitarian crisis. The initiative was awarded, for its great efforts, by the European Movement in Serbia, for the contribution of the year in Europe, as well as the “European Citizenship Award 2016” for the social campaign of the year by the European Civic Forum and VoluntEurope, the Fulbright Alumni’s “Trailblazer Award” for the Leader in the community in 2016 and many others.