Beograd, Mikser Festival
Barajevo, Zornića kuća

Black Box presents the visions of a more beautiful, better world of young visual artists from the entire region. The goal of the project is to point out the problems that burden young creators in the modern social context, empower them to express themselves publicly and contribute to the solution of social problems with their visions, and improve the lives of their local community. In the public call, as well as the curator’s work with the artists, questions will be asked regarding the understanding of the role of the artist as an active agent in contemporary society. The project highlights the importance of art installations in alternative public spaces, their availability to a wide audience, as well as the connection of artistic practice with other spheres of life-science, technologies, economy, and society, whose focus is the presentation of the works of local artists with an emphasis on establishing connections between local, regional and the international art scene. The works of artists represent a full variety of all artistic tools suitable for outdoor artistic production – from performances, audio-visual concepts, and installations, to graffiti and painting interventions in the space following the “site-specific” philosophy of creation.