BGS methodology and technology was developed in BGD project5 and tested on 13 sites in Europe.  Adopted by EIT (Climate_KIC) Program, it is the main building block of the URBLoom project, to be proven and demonstrated in the case studies in Europe and China.

Quality of life in towns and cities is threatened by climate change.  The growing risk of severe floods, droughts and heat waves endangers both human health and urban infrastructure and the problem is not going away. Furthermore, in many cities increasing urbanisation is also putting water and energy resources & utilities under ever greater strain. Action for urban climate change adaptation is vital.

The Blue Green Dream (BGD) paradigm calls for the rethinking of existing ways of planning, designing, constructing, manufacturing, operating and maintaining urban water (blue) systems and urban vegetated (green) areas.  In particular, by conceiving them not as separate systems, as is often the case today, but in combination. The BGD project created a framework for synergising urban blue and green systems to provide effective, multifunctional Blue Green Solutions (BGS) to support urban adaptation to climatic change.  Benefits of such solutions include: increased amenity and urban health, enhanced resilience to drought and flood risk, reduced air pollution, noise and energy requirements, mitigation of extreme heat and urban heat island effects and enhancement of biodiversity and quality of life.  The BGD project focused on the development of innovative paradigms, models, tools and methodologies by sharing expertise between Climate KIC, university researchers and consultancy partners based in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.  Taking an integrated approach, jointly developed pilot BG Solutions were tested and demonstrated in selected sites in Berlin, London, Paris and Rotterdam. The pilot projects served to identify the measured benefits, associated costs, equipment needed, and policy/practical constraints of BG Solutions, with a view to facilitating replication of these projects at national and international levels. BG Solutions Framework developed by the Blue Green Dream project is used to produce the Blue Green Solutions Guide in which Mikser creative and media team played an important role of creating overall creative direction, visualization of all project’s data, production of illustrations and the guide design, as well as creative direction for the Blue Green Solutions video clip whose aim is to convey messages of the Blue Green Solutions methodology to a wide audience.

Award:  Business Green Technology Awards 2015 in London for R&D Programme of the Year