UN Women, Srbija
ŽAD, (Žensko arhitektonsko društvo)

The project aims to analyze the domestic practice of urban planning from a gender perspective, based on which a Guide for planners and citizens for the co-creation of gender-sensitive cities, and public spaces accessible to all has been developed. Advocating the participation of citizens in all phases of urban planning, Women’s Architectural Society (WAS), as one of the first activities of the project,  conducted a survey to examine the attitudes of Serbian citizens about the experience and ways of using public urban spaces, but also to raise public awareness of the burning need for change. The next step of the research took place at the Mikser Festival 2020, where experts from various disciplines closely related to the topic met in one place within the Mikser Talks, to review and present the interests and opportunities of citizens, professions, and management structures. WAS used the information collected to create a kind of guide that presents the challenges and needs of all social groups in an urban environment, with special emphasis on the needs of women and sensitive groups. The manual contains tools and recommendations intended not only for experts but for all users of city infrastructure. The handbook is complementary to the UN Sustainability Goals as well as the Guidelines for Gender Equality in Urban Development.