UNFPA, Srbija

The aim of the project Connect to (ex)Change is to generate high visibility of the topic of solidarity and exchange among generations. With the production of short educational films in the project Connect to (ex)Change, the most frequently used communication platforms and applications, such as Viber, Skype and Facebook, were getting closer to senior citizens improving their skills in communicating via digital devices. In addition, some of their skills are shown, from various hobbies, through dealing with the art, all the way to solving numerous life situations they have experienced and providing valuable advice to those who are now going through similar challenges. The short films also showed the two-way relationship between senior citizens and society as a whole and show their potential to remain its active members.


Transferring basic knowledge and skills related to use of contemporary technology and providing access and training to older people empowered them to take an active part in society, conquer new abilities and overcome the feeling of being isolated and excluded from society. Connect to (ex)Change motivated young people to take a proactive approach and reach out for contact and exchange with their older family members, neighbors, colleagues, people in need from their surroundings, join volunteer organizations and actions, or get professionally engaged in this field.