Tools for overcoming challenges during the COVID19 pandemic, 2020.



Branka Drašković
Aleksandra Malušev


Maja Lalić

Graphic design:

Ksenija Pantelić

In order for us as a society to recognize the challenges that women face every day, especially in crisis situations such as the coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations Office for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Serbia – UN Women, in cooperation with the Mikser Association, launched the campaign ” Women talk about challenges during the coronavirus pandemic”.

In front of you is a small handbook as a result of several months of research and conversations with women of various profiles, which the Mikser organization team conducted with the help of psychologist Branka Drašković. The manual consists of examples of recognized challenges faced by women, as well as a series of tools for overcoming stressful situations in a crisis situation such as a pandemic, as well as all future global difficulties.