Made In: Crafts – Design Narratives



Muzej za umetnost i obrt, Hrvatska
OAZA, Hrvatska
MAO, Slovenija
Werkraum Bregenzerald, Austrija
Nova Iskra, Srbija
Mikser, Srbija

Graphic design:

Ivana Borovnjak
Maša Poljanac

The book is a companion artifact to the MADE IN exhibition, which celebrates the relationship between craft and contemporary design. In terms of content, it assumes the role of an archive. As for the form, it is the result of a close collaboration between the designer and the printer. This can be seen in the attention to detail: the large volume paperback, the use of black thread, the functional ribbon, and the screen printing on the text block.

The hierarchy of data is resolved by careful typographical decisions. The title page, which repeats iterations of the phrase MADE IN in an endless frieze, alludes to the various aspects of anonymous production that the project critically questions.