Say NO to single-use plastic




UN Women, Srbija

Mikser team designed and conducted a seven-days challenge for 30 daring women and catering establishments in Cetinjska 15 set out to determine what products and packaging they could permanently remove from their lives and businesses.  Both campaign and awareness challenge was based on previous research led by the UN Women office that stated women are more prone to mindset and habit change and much more endurable to pressure and the lack of understanding by the closest environment. Mikser held two workshops for the participating women, aiming to map the misconceptions and misinformation about recycling in Serbia, bio-degradable materials, but also to provide them with valid information and educate about alternative, non-consumer lifestyle. During the campaign, Mikser formed the FB group to unite just the women who signed the pledge to reduce the single-use plastic for a week, but soon it became a strong community of over 200 hundred people exchanging doubts, experiences, know-how, and even products. The outcome of the challenge proved that women have the power to change their own, but also the habits of their entire families, work environment, and neighborhoods. Yet, the obstacle they all faced sooner or later was the lack of everyday low-waste goods and services. To address this problem, Mikser held a panel-discussion “Say NO to single-use plastic”, with the participants of the project on one side, and representatives of the major providers of goods and services in Serbia which all down to one said the panel was a unique opportunity for them as well, to learn about new needs and tendencies of their customers.