European cities had many empty spaces, abandoned or neglected, that could be brought back to life by citizens’ initiatives through community management. In some cases, this initiatives have been an innovative example of how public and green spaces could be managed and created. However, in many cities these citizen initiatives face diverse barriers that make difficult to develop and manage a project in the public space. The main identified problems are legal ones, security issues and lack of resources, which sometimes are due to citizens lack of technical knowledge and some others due to the obsolete or nonexistent communication channels between citizens and the entities (private or public) that own the resources.  Urban Cooks project supported citizens’ initiatives for creating temporary public space facilities for their social exchange in Belgrade, Madrid and Skopje  by introducing and testing new methodology of mediating between citizens’needs and public administration and resource entities. The project relied on synergies between urban actors that encourage citizens’ autonomy and empower collective participation in city construction and development, through culture and creativity. The use, materials and the form of three urban public spaces have been defined through participation of 200 citizens, members of neighborhood asociations, who have indicated their unmet needs, motives, triggers and symbolic capital regarding their use of public space. Simultaneously, the administration of the local municipalities has been involved in the platform to follow the development of the project and to provide legal documents for its construction.  The main goal was to use Belgrade, Madrid and Skopje case studies (Mikser was leading the Belgrade site in Savamala) to define socially more inclusive model for managing urban development in European cities in which authorities, professionals and proactive citizens are collaborating for the benefit of all and to create methodologies that are applicable and replicable in different places. http://basurama.org/en/projects/urban-cooks-platforms/