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Liceulice: With solidarity we meet New Year!

The Liceulice organization has been empowering people who live on the margins of our society for more than 12 years. This year, salesmen and saleswomen of Liceulice Street Newspapers attended art workshops, where they learned different techniques and had the opportunity to express their creativity. The result is the drawings that adorn calendars and calendars, and which will remind you of solidarity, and support and that together we can achieve a lot.

By purchasing these products, you support the Liceulice Fund, which directly empowers our most vulnerable fellow citizens and gives them a chance for a more certain future.

Calendar: Imaginative drawings of salesmen will accompany you all year long with the LUL calendar for 2023. These symbols of gratitude will remind you of the power of solidarity and togetherness!

Tote bag: Proudly walk through the city with the Liceulice tote bag of solidarity! This tote bag is special, not only because of the unique drawings of our sellers but because of the superpower it has! Every time you put this badge on your shoulder, you will remember that you helped someone to be one step away from uncertainty, loneliness, and poverty – like a real superhero!

You can buy calendars and tote bags at this link.