“Young Balkan Designers: Here and Now” Exhibition Open

The exhibition “Young Balkan designers: Here and Now” – in cooperation with Mikser organization and furniture manufacturer Nunc from Slavonia- was opened in the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade hall! The competition received more than a hundred innovative, sustainable, flexible solutions for spaces where the worlds of living, working, playing and interacting increasingly overlap and […]

Panel: “Culture, Art, and Media for a Society without Violence Against Women”

The panel “Culture, Art and Media for a Society without Violence against Women” was recently organized by the Mikser Cultural Organization and the United Nations Agency for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment UN Women in Serbia. The new ambassador of Great Britain to Serbia, His Excellency, Edward Ferguson, together with the director of the UN […]

Do we have the capacity for heroes?

– To have heroes, we must have a consensus about what we value – what we admire, what is good, and what is worthy of contempt. There is no such consensus and that terrifies me. The same people are criminals for some, and a source of national pride for others. Losing the touch and the […]

Liceulice: With solidarity we meet New Year!

The Liceulice organization has been empowering people who live on the margins of our society for more than 12 years. This year, salesmen and saleswomen of Liceulice Street Newspapers attended art workshops, where they learned different techniques and had the opportunity to express their creativity. The result is the drawings that adorn calendars and calendars, […]