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We invite you to the MIKSER TALKS conference – Secure your place at the Mikser Festival! 

Mikser Festival has published a detailed conference program “Mikser Talks” that will take place in Dorćol Platz!

All Mikser Festival programs are free, but seats are limited and to make sure you’ll be able to catch the program, sign up at:


You can view the detailed conference program at the Mikser Festival here.

Mikser Festival (May 23-25) is holding its 13th edition in Dorćol Platz, as a place for debate between representatives of the widest range of social actors on all key topics that are spreading in our and global society, but also those that have yet to be put on the agenda.

That is why this year our talks go under the slogan “Microtactics” – big narratives, big strategies no longer have momentum and we believe that all the responsibility, but also the chance to fix the world, now rests with the individual and their capacities and ingenuity.

Mikser Talks, a three-day festival think-tank in Lower Dorćol, will take on a more dynamic format this year in accordance with the theme of the festival – “Micro tactics” between experts, amateurs, artists, decision-makers, activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, workers, innovators, enthusiasts and citizens who, by their personal example, live and lead the changes and innovations that we, as a society, cry out for and present the seemingly small, but decisive steps by which each of us (can) change the world!

We will discuss the perspectives of young design professionals, their aspirations and opportunities to base their solutions on sustainability; how old crafts can become an inspiration for innovative, sustainable and humane products; How by unlearning the ossified and now meaningless scientific disciplines and learned forms, we can get closer to a better, happier, healthier society; How public spaces shape our social life…

A large part of the Mikser conversation takes place in cooperation with the Big Stories platform, which will give us the opportunity to talk with some of the cult figures of our public scene: writers, musicians, journalists and TV personalities.