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Vanja Nikolić’s new book: I have no title!

This is a book about the inner critics that appear at times when we want to create and be creative. To those who tell us that we are not talented, creative, or valuable enough to write a book, or a story, paint a picture or indulge in a dance.

I don’t have a title! introduces you to the whirlwind of decisions that four inner critics: a Geek, Critic, Playwright, and Rebel make instead of the author and the real drama that happened and was documented while the book was being written.

The book introduces you to the very center of the process and invites you to explore your relationship with your inner critics and finally dance with them.

What awaits you in the book:

  • Chaoticness like that which occurs during the creative process.
  • Four inner critics who try to have the main say in the process of writing this book.
  • Attempts, successes, and failures, vulnerability, and fear of creation
  • Understanding what inner critics are and how to deal with them.
  • Exercises to help you get to know your inner critic.
  • Space to write and work on your inner critics.

I have no talent. I have no motivation. I do not have time. I have no inspiration. I don’t have a story. But what I have is stronger than what I don’t have.

You can order the book at this link.

Vanja is a playwright, geek, critic, and rebel.

Yes, just like the characters in this book. As a playwright, she worked on numerous plays where she experienced and learned how important an artistic and creative process is and surrendered to it. As a geek, she completed literature studies and dramaturgy studies in Novi Sad and for a long time thought she had to be one or the other, either a professor or a playwright. The critic contributed to this and insisted on writing reviews, reviews, dramatizing plays, and being serious. Fortunately, she became a rebel and then wrote interactive books for adults, and at the same time began to fantasize about some very different books. That’s when she became an author and through that, she finally combined her loves and her passions, especially the one for creating books and mentoring people to write those books.

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