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Twelve Magnificent women of Serbia

Mikser organization had a unique opportunity to prepare and present the Calliope. Join the Dots, exhibition at the recently concluded Mikser Festival which represents 24 exceptional women from Austria and Serbia.

The three-dimensional display represents dedicated, inspiring and unawering women in fields of action from science, through culture and activism… either through public speaking or by encouraging, inspiring and empowering women in their micro-environments, at the microphone or from orchards and master workshops… They owe our generation , but they also assure us that a better, healthier and gentler tomorrow is very possible!

The exceptional women of Serbia who by their example are leading society into a more tolerant, safer and healthier future are: Jelena Matić designer and educator, Iva Čukić architect and activist, Maja Ćurčić music educator and composer, Marijana Cvetković cultural worker and activist, Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski art historian and manager in culture, Anita Mančić actress and activist, Jovana Gligorijević journalist, Malina Stanojević activist, Milena Bogavac playwright and activist, Milena Radulović actress and activist, Tatjana Mandić Rigonat director and playwright and Tijana Prodanović astrophysicist and university professor.

In cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Mikser Festival featured 12 women from Serbia and as many from Austria who are guiding the global society through their local activities, and some of them were also guests of the Mikser Festival through active participation in numerous contents: panels, lectures and workshops. As a representative of Austrian women, architect Laura P. Spinadel held several lectures within the Mikser Talks and euPOLIS Urban Lab programs.

After the Mikser festival, the exhibition goes on a “tour” of schools in smaller towns in Serbia to encourage girls to realize their full potential, not to give up on education, their civil rights and to fight for a better and fairer tomorrow.

We remind you that the Mikser festival has always been a meeting place for social innovators in search of models of a more equal society, so in 2016, the Women’s Architectural Association was formally founded as part of the “Genius” program at the Mikser festival, together with the Association of Women Judges. Since then, the members of the Mikser team, through cooperation with the office of UN Women and the Women’s Architectural Society, initiated and participated in numerous campaigns, research, initiatives and exhibitions with the aim of empowering women in all areas of creativity and introducing a female perspective into urban planning, as well as the creation of gender analysis and tools for creating gender-sensitive public spaces, adapted and safe for citizens of all profiles and ages.

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