About Us

Mikser stands with students!

The cultural organization Mikser strongly supports the protest of the students of the University of Belgrade, the academic community, the group of like-minded people gathered around the “Proglas” initiative, and all the citizens who turned out en masse for the past elections in the hope that the institutional paralysis we have been witnessing for many years will turn into a flywheel for the rehabilitation of the democratic society as the basic postulate of the existence of modern European states. Fearing for its survival more than ever, the government resorted to altering the electoral will of the citizens with numerous manipulations, abuses and electoral engineering not recorded in modern European practice. In addition to the deceased institutions and media with national frequency, such a situation forced a threatened and humiliated citizen – to go to the streets and express his rebellion there and try to fight for his rights. The bravest and most daring of us, namely our students, paid the highest price for such a choice. They were brutally arrested, beaten, and prosecuted.

As an organization that, through its activities, advocates for social values such as justice, equality, solidarity, and ethics, we believe that the situation in our country is such that our cultural and educational systems have been brought to the point of complete collapse.

Consequently, we call on all cultural and educational collectives to raise their voices and stand in defense of basic civilized rights that have been denied to us. Let’s be with our students – because the future belongs to them.

Your Miker Team.