About Us


Mikser is proud to announce NEXT GEN DESIGN – an international cooperation project with four European design platforms – Barcelona Design Center, What Design Can Do from Amsterdam, Design Austria, and Public Room Skopje – on the joint creation of a program of mobility, promotion, and education of young creative talents from all over of Europe in the field of sustainable and socially responsible design.

While the main focus of the Next Gen Design project is the European youth and young creative talents, it will develop diverse programs for citizens as a general audience and will include several actors without whose cooperation and networking work on sustainable design and solutions that are in line with the European Green Agenda and Goals of sustainable development would not be possible, such as circular economy and sustainable development experts, environmental organizations and cultural collectives, innovative companies, activists and enthusiasts.

The Next Gen Design project is supported through the European Union program “Creative Europe” and its strength lies in the collaboration of five established creative European festivals organized by the project partners: Barcelona Design Week, Vienna Design Week, What Design Can Do Conference, Skopje Design Week and Mikser Festival. Over the next three years, the five festival teams will collaborate on building a joint web portal and offline festival platform for the informal education of a new generation of designers and the promotion of sustainable design, conducting a pan-European survey of the needs and attitudes of young people on local social and environmental challenges, launching public calls for innovative sustainable solutions by young creative talents from all over Europe, organizing traveling exhibitions of award-winning solutions and a residency program for competition winners, as well as creating educational programs for the audiences of all 5 festivals, through a series of hybrid lectures, workshops, talks and public guidance.

This exciting journey began with a “live” kick-off meeting of representatives of all 5 organizations and festivals held in Belgrade in the form of a two-day workshop during which we traced the “road map” of the new joint project, elaborated its key elements and developed a detailed plan of our future activities aiming to raise awareness about design as a collaborative process of searching for solutions that will have a positive impact on society and the environment.